Who are we?


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Hi friends! I'm Robyn, founder of Pizazz Performing Arts and professional vocal coach. 

I currently teach one to one lessons both face to face and online and am SO excited to be launching my performing arts group classes from September. 

Here's some fun facts to help you get to know me better! 

1. I'm 26 years old and have been teaching in some capacity since I was just 16! 

2. I have LCM Music Theatre Grades 5 - 8 all at distinction level. And a Diploma in Music Theatre Teaching. (I still teach other styles too - but theatre is my specialism!) 

3. My favourite flower is a sunflower. 

4. One of my biggest ambitions is to write a musical.

5. My favourite thing about music is how much it can help to give people confidence. This is my biggest passion and I LOVE seeing those who told me they "can't sing" in lesson one, finally start to believe in themselves. 

6. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 16 too and have sold my creations both online and at real life markets and fairs, but now I just do it for fun! I have also organised several creative events myself. 

7. I'm super passionate about small, independent businesses, supporting them and helping them grow. 


8. I'm a huge nerd for music theory! 

9. I probably drink about 5 - 10 cups of tea per day. 

10. I LOVE dinosaurs! 


I'm Diane, but I will also answer to "Robyn's Mum" and "Ukulele Lady"! 

I have been helping Robyn with her classes since she started teaching and love being involved. 

I also run "Rockulele", a community ukulele group based in Marske and love being part of local and community events. 

In 2018, I was part of the team who organised Tees Uke Festival, raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust and this is one of my biggest achievements to date. 

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing what the members of the performing arts group achieve! 


Our Mission and values 

OUR MISSION is to bring high quality, professional and affordable singing and performing arts tuition to young people from a variety of background and abilities.  







and Kindness 

and we try to reflect these in everything we do.