Who are we?


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Hi friends! I'm Robyn, founder of Pizazz Performing Arts and professional vocal coach. 

I currently teach one to one lessons both face to face and online and run group performing arts classes in Marske by the Sea. And I'm super excited to be launching classes in Newcastle later this year! 

Here's some fun facts to help you get to know me better! 

1. I'm 26 years old and have been teaching in some capacity since I was just 16! 

2. I have LCM Music Theatre Grades 5 - 8 all at distinction level. And a Diploma in Music Theatre Teaching. (I still teach other styles too - but theatre is my specialism!) 

3. My favourite flower is a sunflower. 

4. One of my biggest ambitions is to write a musical.

5. My favourite thing about music is how much it can help to give people confidence. This is my biggest passion and I LOVE seeing those who told me they "can't sing" in lesson one, finally start to believe in themselves. 

6. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 16 too and have sold my creations both online and at real life markets and fairs, but now I just do it for fun! I have also organised several creative events myself. 

7. I'm super passionate about small, independent businesses, supporting them and helping them grow. 


8. I'm a huge nerd for music theory! 

9. I probably drink about 5 - 10 cups of tea per day. 

10. I LOVE dinosaurs! 



I’m Donna and I'm ridiculously excited to be one of the Leaders here at Pizazz!

I am a professional singer gigging in venues around the North East under my vocalist tag Murphy’s Gramophone. Performing vintage music from the big band and swing era’s to the legendary rock sounds of the Seventies & Eighties.

I am also the Director at Music & More Group Ltd, a company that provides therapeutic music & movement to adults, especially those with a dementia as well as providing music and movement for supporting children in the early years and their grown ups with Gigglemugs sessions!

I studied A-Level Theatre studies way back in the 90’s and more recently completed my Diploma in Music Therapy.

I am also studying a BSc Hons in Psychology with the Open University but as a believer in life long learning I am ALWAYS enhancing my development with additional courses that have a particular focus on mental health & wellbeing.

I have loved music and performing all of my life. I played the violin and was a member of Middlesbrough Youth Orchestra. I started performing at the very young age of 6! After joining local theatre and performing arts groups from the age of 8 to 18, I starred in many productions and have a huge bank of memories filled with so much fun and laughter, giving me the confidence I have today! These are joys and skills I am committed to passing on in my work at Pizazz.



- I am a Mam (not a Mum, we are way too far up North for that ha ha ha) to 3 fantastic children from age 16 to 4!

- Musical Theatre is my absolute love but my major passion is sharing and demonstrating the positive impact and many benefits of the creative arts on health & wellbeing. 

- I am an advocate for the arts and take every opportunity I can to shout about their greatness and can not rest until they are given the respect and recognition they deserve in society and history!!

- I am a huge wannabe sleuth who loves a good old murder mystery!

- I always wanted to be a Ninja

- I am absolutely certain that I am a world class archer, despite never firing a bow…..yet…..ha ha

- I am having lots of fun learning to play and being a part of the fantastic Rockulele group!

And of course…..I too, LOVE DINOSAURS!



Hey I’m Elly!


I’ve grown up with performing arts being a huge part of my life. Whether that be looking for any excuse to blast musicals from any speaker I can find, or dabbling in a bit of performing.


I've played a variety of characters from Widow Twankey (in a brownies performance) to Miss Hannigan and Audrey 2.



My name is Enna and recently I have become a dance teacher at Pizzaz Performing Arts.


I am currently studying production arts at college and enjoy singing and dancing in my spare time.


I started dancing when I was two and a half and just really enjoy how it takes you to another world.

Our Mission and values 

OUR MISSION is to bring high quality, professional and affordable singing and performing arts tuition to young people from a variety of background and abilities.  







and Kindness 

and we try to reflect these in everything we do.